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Tens of thousands stand by 'Fixer Upper' Chip and Joanna Gaines after Buzzfeed attack

"HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines of 'Fixer Upper' have been publicly targeted by media outlets merely for attending a church whose pastor, Jimmy Seibert, has preached on the biblical view of marriage and sexuality," according to a petition by Family Research Council. As of Monday, over 31,000 have signed a petition applauding Seibert for his stand for morality.


REVIEW: 'Believe' has heart

The Christmas-centric film "Believe" (PG) opens in about 600 theaters this weekend, telling the story of one Matthew Peyton (Ryan O'Quinn), who struggles to find hope in life as his workforce and the town's citizens turn against him.


Kids cuss, use sex talk on 'family' TV

Fifty years ago, no one could have imagined young Opie Taylor cursing on television – or, for that matter, any of his playmates cursing, either. Times, though, have changed, and a new study by the Parents Television Council shows that networks are increasingly airing scripted programs in which teens and children use coarse language and sexual dialogue.


REVIEW: National Geographic's 'Mars' a reminder of God's amazing creation

After man set foot on the moon in 1969, many scientists assumed that the next step in manned space exploration would be Mars, but it never materialized. In a new six-part National Geographic series, "Mars," the world finally does make it to our neighbor – in 2033. The series is well worth watching and is a great reminder of God's incredible creation.

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