Pagan altars destroyed by King Hezekiah

Find confirms that King Hezekiah, one of a handful of Jewish kings who "did what was right in the eyes of the Lord," destroyed high places and pagan altars – just as the Bible says.

Woman says police told her to stop praying in her own home, but ...

District court dismissed claim as implausible; new filing with appellate court requests a day in court to describe what Mary Anne Sause calls "harassment." Sause has a history of cases filed and dismissed going back to 2006. One involved allegations that she was attacked outside an abortion clinic where she was protesting.

LAWSUIT: Christian school banned from delivering pregame prayer

Last year the Florida High School Athletic Association refused to let a private Christian school use a taxpayer-funded microphone inside the taxpayer-funded stadium to deliver a pregame prayer over a loudspeaker before a championship football game in which they were involved. The FHSAA cited Florida statutes in their decision.

Clinton, Trump clash over race, experience in first debate

Donald Trump cites Hillary Clinton's years of "bad experience," few successes and her support of a poor trade deal with Asian countries while Clinton accuses Trump of racism, sexism and tax avoidance on Monday during a heated presidential debate.

Trump's promise: Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has met with both presidential nominees in advance of the candidates' first debate Monday evening. Clinton talked the "two-state solution" while Trump broke with longstanding U.S. policy to support the idea of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.



VP candidate shares his testimony at Baptist church

Marking his first visit to an evangelical church other than his own since becoming the GOP vice presidential candidate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence visited First Baptist Church Jacksonville, Florida Sept. 19 where he shared details about his own spiritual journey and talked about the urgency of prayer and the need for voter savvy in morning worship.


THROUGH THE BIBLE: On the spot where David killed the giant Goliath

Next to the biblical accounts of Jesus, the account of David taking on the Philistine giant Goliath in battle is probably among the best known of Bible stories. Learned by childen in Sunday Schools everywhere, it reminds readers that God uses unexpected heroes, including a shepherd, to lead his people.